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Services and Fees

These are the services and fees that we offer to imprint and package the products that we sell. Very often customers and businesses need to add their mark, their company logo, or just a piece of artwork or saying to products that we sell to make those product unique to you. Below are those services and a description of what you get with each, our most popular by far are screen printing and embroidery services, although digitial printing is gaining popularity.
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JC-DirectScreenprint Direct Contract Screenprint
Price: $0.37
JC-DirectEmbroidery Direct Contract Embroidery
Price: $1.10
JC-ExtraEmbLocation Extra embroidery location
Price: $0.55
JC-ExtraScreenprintLocation Extra screenprint location
Price: $0.24
JC-ArtworkCreation Artwork creation or reproduction
Price: $25.00
JC-PantoneMatch Pantone Matching Fee
Price: $25.00
JC-Tagged Tagging Finishing Service
Price: $0.10
JC-VinylNames JC-VinylNames
Price: $5.00
JC-VinylNumbers JC-Vinyl Numbers
Price: $4.50
Products 1-9 of 9