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General Policy & Fees

Depending on season 5-12 working days after sample is approved. Rush service is available, ask for details. We get it done faster, but we allow 2 weeks, if it is urgent, just let us know.

Virtual Sample

Upon receipt of your order, we will stitch/print a sample of the design for your approval. We then email the design to you to speed up approval time. Once you approve it then we can get started on the job. This saves you time and money in shipping costs.


$5 + Cost of Item + Applicable Digitizing/Screen Fees + Shipping


Credit Card: 50% down, remainder on the day of shipping Check/MoneyOrder: Order will begin upon arrival of payment CreditAccount: n/30 upon application approval.

Change Notice

All prices subject to change without notice.

Minimum Order

Certain Orders less than 12 items (primarily hats) add one time quantity break fee of $3.75. Hats can only be ordered in lots of 12, this fee covers the extra costs involved.

Large Quantity Orders

For large quantity orders(1000+), please call for special pricing and even deeper discounts than presented in this list.


Shipping charges apply, Standard UPS ground is assumed unless specified. Other carriers used upon request. F.O.B. Beaumont, Texas

Order Cancellation

Imprinted orders cannot be cancelled after artwork/order approval because the items will go into production that day, up until that point, any order may be cancelled and only the applicable digitizing and art fees will apply

Return Policy

No returns are accepted on imprinted/embroidered goods unless a mistake was made on our part. If a sample was approved, the items will be imprinted by those exact specifications. Additionally our system sends automated messages confirming the accuracy of the items ordered and the imprint the items will receive to ensure quality products. Blank item returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. However, we will always make good on our promise of high quality merchandise and we will work with you to correct any mistake, even if we did not make the mistake. When there is a problem, just talk to us...we will fix it, which is simply part of our business philosophy. All returns must be initiated within 15 days of shipment from our warehouse.

Dye Lots

On larger orders, dye lots cannot always be guaranteed, very rarely a large order may contain two slightly different shades of the same color.

Failover Policy

On contract imprinting there is a 1% failover buffer, an industry standard, where we reserve the right to ship an order as complete.


Request information, earn up to 50% on retail pricing.

Other Fees

Art Fees: $25 per half hour artwork fee for logo preparation. No charge for basic lettering. (D)* Not applicable if customer can supply production ready artwork files set up with Pantone SPOT Colors not RGB or CMYK. See here for artwork guidelines: http://www.hatcastle.com/store/pg/145-Artwork-Guidelines-and-Techniques.html

Artwork Separations

Process Separations of Artwork into 4 color process or simulated process: $27.50 one time.(T)*

Poly bags

Add $0.20/item (C)*

Minimum Order

Embroidery: No Minimum!


Digitizing fees are the charges to cover the cost of getting your artwork into a format ready for our embroidery machines(also known as tape fees). These range from $15(simple design) to $75(complex design). The rate is $8 per 1,000 stitches.

Extra Stitches

Prices on standard quotes include 5,000 stitches except when noted. For every 1,000 stitches over 5,000 the item being embroidered must stay on the machine 10 minutes longer, so a .12 to .20 cent charge for every 1,000 stitches over 5,000 is charged depending on your quantity. You will run into more stitches if you have a solid filled in area or a lot of tiny letters in the design. Once we see your design we will be able to estimate your stitch count.

3d Embroidery

Please quote

Minimum Order

Screenprinted Shirts: 12 Everything Else: 24


Prices on standard quotes include 1 location/1 color print.

Screen Fees

Screen fees are essentially a one-time setup fee to get your design from computer form to a printed item. 1st Color: $15 Extra Colors: $10 Reorders of same design: $5/color or full price after 6 months.(E)* Dist: 1st Color: $10 Extra Colors: $7


Screenprinted orders where a sample was produced will incur a $20 cancellation fee due to the amount of work going into a printed sample.

Color/Ink Change

One time $3 per color change, when a color in a screenprint design is changed from 1 color to another, screenprinting only.(T)*

PMS Matching

One time fee $40/color.(T)*

Special Inks

Listed prices are for standard plastisol inks only. Additional $.25/color for metallic, glow and puff inks. Add $.50/color for Nylon ink.

Vinyl Naming

$5.00 per name (Block Letter style preferred, but custom type is available at no charge) (B)*

Vinyl Numbering (Stock Styles)

3" = $.75
4" = $1.00
6" = $1.50
8" = $1.75
10"/12" = $2.25
(Price is per number) (C)*

Screenprint Naming

$5.00 per name (Block Letter style preferred, but custom type is available at no charge) (C)*

Screenprint Numbering

4" $2.00 (1 Color: Block Letter Style)(0-99) (A)*

Screenprint Numbering

6",8" $3.00 (1 Color: Block Letter Style)(0-99) (A)*

Custom Vinyl Numbering

Same prices as above, however please approve letter style first (any size can be requested, any letter style) (C)*

Numbering/Naming Note

Some situations cannot mix screenprint naming/numbering with vinyl naming/numbering due to quality concerns.

Overseas Advance Orders
Overseas Advance Orders

Save substantial money by ordering in quantity from overseas, either blank or imprinted.

Overseas Deliver Time

Estimated Delivery is 2-3 months after approval of the pre-production sample.