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Decoration/Imprinting Options Comparison
Ever wondered what the primary differences between screen printing vs. digital printing or embroidery vs. screen printing. Below is a chart comparing the different imprinting/decoration methods.
Screen Printing Direct-to-Garment Digital Printing Embroidery
Imprinting Technique Each color is printed directly onto a surface by pushing ink through a screen for each color of your logo using automatic machines that are calibrated to line up all of the colors and keep the prints uniform. Then the ink is chemically bonded to the surface using high temperatures. Direct to Garment printing is like having a computerr printer apply the image directly to a shirt using special inks, printers and software. This allows printing even on DARK garments. Durability is not quite as good as screenprinting and is better on lighter shirts, but does last on dark shirts as well. Logo is embroidered directly into the fabric using advanced embroidery machines and software.
Recommended Substrates Any shirt, hat or jacket Any shirt, hat or jacket made with typical cotton and poly blends. Smooth surfaces perform better. Any shirt, hat or jacket, thicker materials perform better. Thin jersey material tend to wrinkle around the logo, but we compensate by providing extra layers of backing to strengthen the material's integrity.
Minimum Order 12 pieces No minimums No minimums
Turn Around Time 7-10 business days *** 1-3 business days *** 4-10 business days ***
Price Influencers • Product style and color *
• Number of print locations
• Number of colors in your design
• Product style and color *
• Number of print locations
• Product style and color *
• Number of embroidery locations
• Thread count of your logo **
Typical Uses Larger volume orders for businesses, schools, organizations, and events. Individual pieces or small volume runs and when speed necessary. High quality apparel, uniforms, alternative materials, bags and hats
Benefits • Extremely cost effective when produced in large volume runs
• Creates high quality apparel that can withstand years of washing
• No minimum allows for small runs or individual custom shirts
• Cost effective reproduction of full color images
• Fast turn around time
• Price is not affected by number of colors in design
• Creates attractive, branded apparel
• Logo is sewn directly into the fabric
Limitations • Maximum of 10 colors per location
• Best when printed on smooth fabrics
• Durability is limited to 30-100 washings, dark colors have shorter lifespan. Still typically 1-5 years.

• Intricate design detail can be lost since it is just thread, but can look incredibly good.
• Large logos (full front/back) can be expensive because they require many stitches.

  * Dark garments are generally more expensive than white or light colors

** The number of threads required to stitch your logo depends on its size and complexity.

*** Turn Around Time is the average time from when an order is placed until it ships. Please note that this does not include shipping/transit time which is generally 2-5 days depending on where you live.